• We connect people

    We connect people

    with friends and family by creating fun and enjoyable experiences, all of our users share one thing in common, have an amazing time with our products.

  • Wooly Blast

    Wooly Blast

    Welcome to the incredible world of Wooly Blast! The first puzzle game with a 3D experience.

    Join Ty the tigger Gray and explore the fun and challenging scenarios. TAP, SCROLL, BLAST and enjoy the Wooly Blast.


  • In development

    In development

    The shark gang is in disguise and they are planning to terrorize BubbleLand, but Alina the mermaid and Octacus the octopus are ready to defend the sea from these creatures.

  • Game Design

    Game Design

    Gaming is not our work it is our way of life. Designing new ideas and sharing them with the world is what we love the most.